Fertility issues – men

The problem of fertility is one of the diseases of the modern world. For a long time, the experts have been mainly focused on female body, while actual statistics show that in about a third of couples the reason for unsuccessful conception actually lies in men. The causes for male infertility can be divided to two major groups, inherent and acquired.

Acquired causes of infertility refer to injuries, infections that have been cured (mumps, gonorrhea), enlargement of the veins within the scrotum (varicocele), harmful environmental impact (hormone disrupters), occupational risks (work in hot environment, exposure to chemicals), unhealthy lifestyle (smoking, alcohol, drugs), some treatments (chemotherapy, radiation) and chronic diseases (diabetes, kidney failure, reproductive hormone disorders).

Inherent causes of fertility are most often the result of irregularities in the development of external genitalia and descended testicles disorders as well as chromosome-genetic abnormalities (Klinefelter syndrome, Y chromosome deletions). Certain inherent anomalies can be resolved by medical help. But in more than a half of cases the cause for male infertility remains unexplained.

Men, who are faced with reduced fertility are advised to thoroughly change their diet, avoid stress, strengthen the immune system, engage in physical activity (no sauna and cycling because of testicular heating) and increase the intake of vitamins and nutrients the body needs.

Reduced fertility in men is reflected as:

Oligozoospermia – reduced sperm count in ejaculation (under 20 million/mL).
Asthenozoospermia – reduced sperm motility (at least 50%).
Teratozoospermia – large number of spermatozoa with abnormal morphology.

The described conditions are determined by analysis of sperm or spermiogramom, which reveals the current fertility of a man. It is important to know that the result only reflects the current condition during the examination so it is possible that the values are reduced only in the short term due to negative environmental impacts or other disturbing factors. Because the male body produces sperms with a rate of about 1500 sperms per second, the results of the spermiogram may be completely different in a few weeks’ time.

The advantage of a sperm is that it takes about three months to mature. This means that by taking Qfertil for at least three months, you will provide your body with optimal components and enable the development of the highest-quality sperms with appropriate quantity, morphology and motility, which will be able to fertilise the ovum.


The hectic pace of life dictates fast food. Pre-prepared and processed food we often consume instead of nutrients contains a lot of sugar, salt and artificial additives. When it comes to infertility, the diet is the one that must receive the most attention and be changed, if required. We recommend eating mainly fresh vegetables, fruit, fish, cereals and selected vitamins and minerals your body is deprived of. The dietary supplement Qfertil contains active ingredients with a positive impact on general wellbeing (strengthened immune system, reduced influence of oxidative stress, etc.) and fertility. The intake is simple; take one Qfertile capsule in the morning and in the evening.

Lifestyle and stress

A modern way of life can have a very negative impact on our body; fatigue, stress and not feeling well. All these factors do not impact only our general wellbeing, but also our intimate life, which makes conception more challenging. We advise you try relaxation and stress reduction techniques and sports.

How can you help yourself?

When the reasons for poorer infertility in men are unhealthy lifestyle (diet, alcohol, smoking), harmful environmental impacts and severe stress situations or chronic stress, you can do a lot on your own. Take care of your body – on the outside as well on the inside. Preserving healthy body weight with regular physical activity can have a positive effect not only on your body, but also on your mental wellbeing. Physical activity is the best anti-stress medicine. Analyse your diet, adjust and complement it suitably. In the process, you will be assisted by Qfertil, because it contains an optimum selection of vitamins and minerals, which give the best support to your body. Improved lifestyle and Qfertil will help your body reach its potential, whereby fertility in most cases improves within 3‒6 months.

Good to know

We use the expression infertility only after twelve months of regular, unprotected sexual relations. In this case we advise you both to undergo all the required tests, i.e. a gynaecological examination and a blood test for hormone values for women and spermiogram for men.

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