• spermiogramMichael, 35

    " After being treated for infertility for 3 years, after 5 artificial insemination attempts and numerous examinations my wife is finally pregnant and we are of course very happy!! We have both been using Qfertil for 4 months, because it made us feel great and my spermiogram values quickly improved. I want to thank Qfertil for a truly good product that we also recommended it to our friends, who are dealing with the same problems.”

  • profertilR, 28

    " My partner and I have been trying to get pregnant for a long time and we had nearly given up when we decided to try Qfertil. I had been taking capsules for 4 months, when my partner informed me that she is pregnant. I cannot explain how happy we are right now. I admit that I was slightly sceptical in the beginning, but it worked and that is enough for me. I recommend trying Qfertil to everyone who are trying to create a family and maybe you will be as surprised as I was... THANK YOU!!”

  • qfertilRicardo, 31

    " Due to low sperm quality I started taking Qfertil that my wife found on the internet; it was before the first round of IVF. Six months later, in the second cycle, the quality of sperm improved from bad to excellent, which proved to be a great surprise for the embryologist. Although it is not a convincing proof, I believe that the product had a positive effect.”

  • infertilityAndrew

    ” After taking Qfertil for only three months, sperm count on spermiogram increased from 15 million to 45 million!”

  • fertilityL.&N.

    " My wife and I have been trying to get pregnant for 12 months, when I was diagnosed with low sperm count and low sperm motility. When I was looking for a natural medicine, I came across Qfertil. My wide got pregnant after 5 months and now we have a healthy little boy. Highly recommended!”

Prices Qfertil for men

1 container for 1 month32.80 €
2 containers for 2 months62.32 €
3 containers for 3 months88.56 €
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