Qfertil™ men

Qfertil™ for men is a dietary supplement developed for men, who are troubled by infertility or only want to contribute to optimum fertility and encourage faster impregnation. Qfertil supplies the body with urgently required ingredients, which improve fertility and ensure good general wellbeing. By regularly using Qfertil, sperm count in men increases and sperm motility and morphology improves, which are crucial for successful fertilization of ovum.

Experts assess that in about a third of infertile couples the cause for infertility can be accounted to men. Taking Qfertil for men is recommended in case of natural as well as artificial insemination alike. In both cases, to achieve successful conception the quality of sperm must be as good as possible. For optimum effects we recommend taking the dietary supplement Qfertil for at least 3 months.

The dietary supplement Qfertil for men contains the highest-quality ingredients, which are preservative-free, nut-free, lactose-free or gluten-free and have no side effects. Further, Qfertil also contains coenzyme Q10.


  • Increases sperm count in semen discharge
  • Improves sperm motility and morphology
  • Reduces the chance of abnormal sperm morphology
  • Contains coenzyme Q10 
  • Protects sperm DNA against oxidative stress
  • Covers daily requirements of vitamins, which are crucial for boosting the immune system
  • No side ffects
  • Available without prescription
  • Easy buy and discrete home delivery

Instruction for use

We recommend one capsule twice a day, in the morning and in the evening after a meal. Ingest the capsule with a sufficient amount of liquid. For optimum results we recommend using Qfertil for men at least three months. One box of Qfertil contains 60 capsules, which is enough for 30 days.

The dietary supplement is not a replacement for a balanced and diversified diet. To maintain health, a diversified and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are extremely important. Do not exceed the recommended daily quantities. Store capsules in a dry environment at no more than 25°C and do not expose them to direct sunlight. The product can only be used by adults aged 18 or more.

Prices Qfertil for men

1 container for 1 month32.80 €
2 containers for 2 months62.32 €
3 containers for 3 months88.56 €
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