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Fertility depends on a set of numerous factors, external as well as internal, physiological and psychological: diet, sexual activity, functioning of endocrine glands, time, economy, emotions, etc. All this can have a negative impact on balance, which prevents successful conception.

There can be many reasons for unsuccessful conception attempts in women. They can be divided to two major groups:

- Physical reasons for unsuccessful conception, such as septate uterus, which prevents implantation of the ovum, endometriosis or polycystic ovaries
- Hormonal imbalance, which is shown in the lack of hormones or increased hormone levels, which can be the reason why a woman is not ovulating or why her cycle is not regular.

During ovulation it is important that a healthy ovum is released, that the lining of the uterus is prepared to take care of the fertilised egg and that there is sufficient quantity of progesterone, which maintains pregnancy. It is important to regularly undergo gynaecological examinations, eat healthy food, live a healthy lifestyle with little or no stress and engage in regular physical activity. For good hormonal balance it is also important to ingest a sufficient quanity of minerals and vitamins, which are proven to have a positive impact on female fertility. This is exactly where the dietary supplement Qfertil for women can help you.

Sex hormones progesterone and estrogen

The hormon progesterone is in charge of creating hormonal balance. It is a natural steroid secreted by ovaries, with a task of preparing a woman’s body for pregnancy. Without it, egg cannot be implanted in the womb, and it is also crucial during pregnancy. Progesteron influences the secretion of all estrogens, so it is the creator of hormonal balance. In the anticipation of pregnancy, the level of progesterone significantly increases every month and causes thickening of endometrium. If fertilisation doesn’t happen, the level of progesterone drops and menstruation begins.

During ovulation, progesterone increases body temperature, which is one of the methods of determing the time of ovulation. Progesterone creates an environment appropriate for growth and development of a child. After a woman gets pregnant, progesterone fosters normal fetal development and course of pregnancy. If the level of progesterone is too low, the result is peeling off of endometrium, menstruation and abortion.

Some of the most common causes for progesterone deficiency are improper diet (malnutrition), chronic stress and lack of physical activity.

Estrogens are also steroid hormones, which are synthesized in ovaries, to a minor extent in testicles, and also in the placenta during pregnancy. They are in charge of sexual development of a woman and influence menstruation, ovulation and pregnancy. Estrogens also influence emotional state of a woman, including pre-menstrual syndrome and postnatal depression.

Sex hormones are inevitably integrated into all aspects of sexuality of men and women alike, so improper hormonal balance is one of the main culprits for problems getting pregnant.


The hectic pace of life dictates fast food. Pre-prepared and processed food we often consume instead of nutrients contains a lot of sugar, salt and artificial additives. Often, we don’t immediately notice problems related to improper diet. When faced with infertility problems, diet is the first thing we must critically evaluate and change, if required.

Lifestyle and stress

A modern lifestyle can have a very negative impact on our body; fatigue, stress and not feeling well. And all this can impact not only our general wellbeing, but also our intimate life. Couples, who decide to become parents, often consider sex only as a tool to reach a goal, so they are constantly accompanied by stress in the bedroom. Overburdened, they are only focused on getting pregnant, while forgetting to enjoy the moment and feelings evoked in them by their partners. Do not engage in sexual intercourse only to get pregnant, but because you want them. Avoid stress and take your time, create romantic atmosphere and relax in the company of the loved one.

How can you help yourself?

Taking care of optimum fertility is greately connected to taking care of general health and observing the guidelines of healthy nutrition and lifestyle. Meals rich in vitamins and nutrients, avoiding unnecessary stress and relaxation will benefit fertility and general wellbeing. Qfertil represents a valuable help, when you run out of time and energy to prepare balanced meals, because it contains exactly the ingredients that support fertility as best as possible. Ingredients are carefully selected and precisely concentrated. With a combination of improved lifestyle and Qfertil you will enable your body to achieve its full potential and optimum fertility.

Good to know

We use the expression infertility only after twelve months of regular, unprotected sexual relations. Within that period most women talk to their gynaecologist about wanting to start a family. In this case we advise you to undergo all the required tests for prevention purposes.

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