• profertilTina, 29 years old

    ”When I was 27, I was diagnosed with endometriosis and the diagnosis deeply hurt me, because I knew it meant mainly problems with getting pregnant. And we both wanted a baby so much. After numerous visits to doctors, therapies and an abundance of medications of all kinds, I and my husband tried Qfertil. We also started eating healthier food, started exercising and taking time often just for ourselves. I liked the fact Qfertil did not promise any miracles, so we said why not, we have already tried everything else... we successed after using it for six months. We are currently 2 months pregnant. Highly recommended!”

  • qfertilAnna, 35 years old

    ”Behind us are 4 years of yearning for a baby, several IVF procedures, punctions, short and long procedures, IMSI... My husband was namely diagnosed with abnormal sperm morphology and we nearly gave up. My husband started using Qfertil 5 months ago and today at the check-up we found out that sperm morphology significantly improved and so I think this is not a coincidence. There is still a long way ahead of us, but I see light at the end of the tunnel. Worth every cent.”

  • fertilityD.A., 33 years old

    ”Due to my excessive weight and anovulation we were told we will have problems getting pregnant. I knew I first had to change certain things about myself, so I became more concerned about what I eat. I also started taking qfertil. For the first two months there were no significant changes, but then after somewhat more than three months I ovulated for the first time. At the check-up even the doctor said the condition improved significantly!”

  • infertilityS.G., 39 years old

    "Both I and my husband are almost 40, so getting pregnant was a growing challenge. Doctors gave up on us and the only advice left was artificial fertilisation, which we considered the last resort. But before that we wanted to try everything we could to get pregnant naturally. We ordered Qfertil for both of us for three months, we changed our diet, started doing more sports and enjoyed each other again. Then my period was late... and we finally received the long-awaited news. They tell us we are a true medical miracle. After using Qfertil for 6 months, we finally made it! Recommended!”

  • infertilityMaria, 25 years old

    "Following the recommendation of our friends, who got pregnant after using Qfertil for only 4 months, both I and my boyfriend started using Qfertil. We have currently been using Qfertil for two months and we are hoping for good news.”

Prices Qfertil for women

1 container for 1 month32.80 €
2 containers for 2 months62.32 €
3 containers for 3 months88.56 €
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