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  • How long should I take Qfertil?

    Qfertil for women and men is a dietary supplement with carefully measured ingredients, which have a positive impact on your fertility. We recommended using it for at least 3 months.

  • What time in the month should I start taking Qfertil?

    You can start using Qfertil any time in the month, because its usage is not limited to specific days. This applies to the female and male version alike.

  • Can I take Qfertil, if we are already involved in the assisted reproduction process?

    It is absolutely advisable for a couple to first try getting pregnant naturally by using Qfertil for three months. The next station is then usually artificial insemination. In this case it is advisable for a man to continue using the product in order to achieve optimum quality of sperms. However, women are advised not to use it, because they get medications by protocol while undergoing procedure and these function differently. Combining drugs and the dietary supplement is not recommended because of different mode and power of activity.

  • How quickly can I expect the first results?

    With regard to the regulation of hormonal balance and changes in the quality of sperm changes cannot be seen over night; we recommend using the product regularly for at least 3 months, because sperms take about that long to fully mature and it is also the period long enough to show changes in the menstrual cycle.

  • Can I use Qfertil for women also during pregnancy?

    Qfertil for women is a dietary supplement intended for women, who want to get pregnant. As such it is not intended to be used when the pregnancy is already confirmed, because during pregnancy a woman’s body has different needs for vitamins and minerals.

  • Can I use Qfertil for women, if I have thyroid problems?

    Qfertil for women does not contain iodine so it is also appropriate for women with thyroid problems. However, before using it we advise you consult your physician.

  • Can I take Qfertil in combination with other medicines and vitamins?

    The Qfertil dietary supplement contains carefully measured doses of natural ingredients, which are within the limits of recommended daily doses. So, by taking just two capsules a day your body will get enough required vitamins and minerals contained by Qfertil. If you are using prescription medicines, consult your physician or pharmacist about combined consumption.

  • How can I order the dietary supplement Qfertil?

    Qfertil can be ordered in different ways. On the website click ORDER, which is located top right on the page and complete the form. You can also write to us:

  • Can Qfertil be purchased in pharmacies?

    Qfertil is sold in line with modern trends, where sale takes place directly from the manufacturer to the end buyer. The sale is conducted without any middle men by ensuring the best price for buyers and preserving a high quality of service and product.

  • Do you offer any product samples?

    Our end buyers do not receive any Qfertil samples, since it is expected for men and women to use the product for a period of three to six months.

  • Does Qfertil have any side effects?

    Qfertil does not have any side effects. Because of concentration of some ingredients we recommend you don’t take it longer than 12 months without consulting your personal physician first.

  • Can I combine the product with other prescription medicines? Can I take Qfertil when ill?

    Qfertil does not have any negative impact on the activity of general medicine products. In the event of severe or chronic problems, consult your physician or pharmacist before deciding to use it. If you are also using other dietary supplements, be careful of the quantity of daily intake of each ingredient separately. When recovering from certain illnesses, consult you personal physican about using Qfertil. If you suffer from regular virus infections or common cold, Qfertil will only be good for you.

  • How many capsules are in the bottle?

    There are 60 capsules in the bottle. The recommended daily intake is 2 capsules. One bottle suffices for one month.

  • How big are the capsules?

    Qfertil capsules are in standard size 00 – which means 23.4mm.

  • Are capsules of natural origin?

    Cellulose capsules (hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose) are produced in accordance with the latest standards and quickly dissolve in the stomach. They contain no genetically modified substances and are gluten-free.

  • Were the products tested on animals?

    Qfertil was not tested on animals.

  • I posted an order, when can I expect Qfertil?

    Your order will be sent to you no later than the following business day. All consignments are sent by GLS logistic service, which guarantees delivery within 1‒3 business days. You will also receive two messages with tracking information to your e-mail address.

  • I did not get any confirmation e-mail.

    If you don’t receive confirmation e-mail within 24 hours after submitting your order, first check the spam folder. If the message is not under that folder, please contact us by sending an e-mail to

  • How can I save up on postal charges?

    If you decide to order several boxes at a time (three or more), you will receive a quantity discout and your shipping will be free of charge.

Prices Qfertil for women

1 container for 1 month32.80 €
2 containers for 2 months62.32 €
3 containers for 3 months88.56 €
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